Introducing The Price We Pay

Book Summary

Awakening To Racial Injustice

Zenetta Henchman awakens to the racial injustices rooted in her small town when she witnesses a Black neighbor’s fatal shooting. The lack of justice delivered by the police, along with the lack of attention the shooting receives from those in authority in her community, outrages her and causes her to question the need to respect an authority that can’t protect you.

The Price of Her Silence

When she and her best friend find themselves on the receiving end of racially motivated police brutality, however, they’re given a choice: keep their mouths shut or let their families pay the price. Her silence buys her family’s safety, but when someone dies because of it, Zenetta’s confronted with a terrible truth: there’s a price to be paid for silence, too.

A False Accusation

Now the same cops that demanded her silence are falsely accusing her father of a crime she knows he didn’t commit. Will justice prevail or will her father be wrongly convicted by the system he swore his life to serve?

About the Author: Nikki T. Anthony

Nikki T. Anthony Head shot

Nikki T. Anthony is the writer behind the highly anticipated young adult novel, The Price We Pay, which has been coined by critics as the ultimate modern-day Black experience.

Not only is she a multi-faceted author, she’s also a serial entrepreneur who transformed from Corporate Technical Writer to a highly sought-after Ghostwriter, Literary Consultant, and Content Developer.

Her writings are best known for their epic plot twists, enthralling language, and richly detailed African-American characters, who are dominant to their narratives.

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