About PTP Press

Our Mission

PTP Press’s mission is to produce life-altering publications which come from the heart for personal, business, spiritual, emotional, and financial development and growth. Please see our Submission Guidelines for more information about the types of books that we accept.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is in Our DNA

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not buzzwords for us. They are baked into our DNA. Our team members, editors, and authors represent a diverse group of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds.

For that reason, we will not consider for publication any book which spreads, supports, or promotes speech that is intended to incite hate toward any group of human beings. That being said, we recognize that accurate representation of racial tensions may present as hate toward one group, but it is not our goal to foster that hate but to leverage that representation to address the real issues that exist and help to create bridges of understanding that lead to peace.

Protecting the Environment

We make every effort to reduce or eliminate environmental waste, to print only what is needed when it is needed, and to support efforts to create more sustainable publishing practices.

Traditional Publishing Imprint of Path To Publishing

PTP Press is the traditional publishing imprint of Path To Publishing. While PTP Press offers a traditional publishing model for authors who like the security of working with industry experts, Path To Publishing is a literary service provider for those authors who would like more control over their outcomes and their income.

Our Staff

Joylynn M. Ross, CEO & Founder

Joylynn M. Ross has spent nearly three decades in the publishing industry. After reaching success with traditional publishers, she cracked the code on achieving success as a self-published author before deciding it was time to put her talents and experiences to use in the service of other authors. She founded PTP Press to ensure that there was space at the table for all who had a message from the heart to share.

Brandy M. Miller, Acquisitions Editor

Brandy M. Miller stumbled into the publishing world when her first book, How to Write an eBook in 40 Days (or less!) was picked up by a start-up publishing company. Dissatisfied with that experience, she taught herself the art of self-publishing and began working to help support other authors in achieving their dreams.

For Customer Service Inquiries

Call PTP Press Customer Service at 725-605-4054 or email ptppress@pathtopublishing.com.