Introducing: The Price We Pay

Discover how we’re leveraging this Literary Titan award-winning novel by debut author Nikki T. Anthony’s as a way to change the conversation around race relations.

What Readers Are Saying

This book not only told a personal story but it also told a realistic one that we as African Americans are living through today.” – BETA Reviewer

The To Kill a Mockingbird of the 21st Century – but from a Black perspective” – Ned Barnett, CEO of Barnett Marketing Communications

Black lives do matter, but really all lives matter no matter what race, creed or religion you happen to be in the moment.  The Price We Pay is a novel written by Nikki T. Anthony about a young ‘Black’ girl named Zenetta Henchman living during the time of the early 1990s when the world was beginning to slowly understand what discrimination and diversity are really about.  Zenetta lives in an area that is downtrodden, but is very close to an upper scale neighborhood and the two shall meet and decisions will be made between what is right and what is wrong with society now a days.  

Nikki T. Anthony has written a novel that should bring understanding and maybe acceptance of all lives. In reading Nikki’s story throughout the book there are lines that make the reader think, as on page 17 “Just ’cause we share the same skin color don’t make them my people.” On page 20 there is a line that describes who has the influence and the power to affect change in these ideas and make a difference. On page 110 a scene describes a real-life scene that took place in Los Angeles about the same time that this story takes place in my opinion.

On page 171 the scene describes how one is seen by others comparing the tones of one’s skin color and how some may think they belong to another and wanting treatment to be fair for all.

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