Book Club Signup

At PTP Press, we recognize the value that book clubs bring to their members, to authors attempting to spread a message, and to publishers like us. We value the work that you do.

Bringing in a book like The Price We Pay and facilitating the kind of work required to create open, honest, and meaningful conversations around race relations and diversity, equity, and inclusion may seem daunting. That’s why we stand ready to support you.

The book will launch in Fall of 2023. Interested book clubs are invited to sign up now and join us for a special Zoom call series we’ll be hosting to help them prepare. During the call we’ll be guiding you through:

  • Planning the introduction of the book and the purpose of the discussions to your members;
  • Putting to use the resources and systems we offer to support your group in creating a self, welcoming environment for these conversations to take place;
  • Practicing having those discussions in our moderated breakout rooms;
  • Getting answers to your questions and concerns about the book and the challenges it presents;

We will also be offering the opportunity for those who attend to meet the author, listen to her experiences, and ask questions about the content in the book. This will be a judgment-free zone, so bring an open mind and a willingness to explore life from a different perspective. To thank participating book clubs, PTP Press will be compiling and publishing a list of all book clubs that have registered to host these conversations and including them in our press releases.

Book Club Facilitators and Presidents are encouraged to register your book club now.

Register Your Book Club